Get to Know Us

Our Mission

Motivated by the love of Christ, the mission of West Shore Family Support is to see that every baby has clean diapers, every mom is supported and every family thrives. We believe that God creates all life in His image, and all are worthy of dignity, love, and support.

Our Story

Where It Began

In 1992 a newborn was abandoned in a dumpster at Ludington High School. A scared teenager did not have anywhere to turn so she panicked and made a decision that started a ripple effect.

So it began; a team of passionate community members decided that women experiencing a crisis during pregnancy needed a local place to turn to that would offer them a safe place to bring their fears and burdens.

Thus, West Shore Pregnancy Care Center opened their doors. For 30+ years this ministry has been partnering with families in our community to support them when making life-affirming choices as they navigate the ups and downs of parenting young children.

Where We Are Now

In the 30+ years of serving this community, West Shore Family Support has worked with thousands of families. In that time the organization has learned that the broken family is a root cause of many of the issues that plague those living in poverty. West Shore Family Support desires to step into this generational cycle of brokenness and help parents make changes that will lead to a stronger family.

Whether it is a pregnant mom looking for guidance, a single dad trying to learn how to provide for his child, or parents looking for a little extra help with diapers & other baby needs West Shore Family Support is ready to help. At West Shore Family Support, we offer families a warm smile, a listening ear, and a hand up to walk with them through the joys and struggles of family life.

Our Mission

Rooted in Faith

Champion Parenthood



Our Why

All lives are valuable

Everyone has the right to make choices

Every family deserves to thrive